The Gumball 3000’s 14th Road Rally Takes Off

It’s a misty, overcast day in New York City. The dreary weather is a stark contradiction to the excitement brewing in Times Square. As I walk closer the noise of horns, sirens and revving engineers grows. I turn the corner onto Broadway and I know I’m in the right spot. Instead of the usual scene of pedestrians dodging taxi cabs and vendors there are lines of bright, exotic and one-of-a-kind cars all sporting the Gumball 3000 logo across their hoods. The flag is about to drop on this road rally that has been going strong since 1999.
The first rally was held in Europe, beginning in England, where it’s founder Maxmillion Cooper was raised. Since its inception the Gumball 3000 has taken its participants all over the world – sometimes in the course of its 8-day run! This year the rally started in NYC, ventured into Canada, then back to the states. It’s a 3000 mile journey on the open road, culminating in Los Angeles and filled with party stops along the way.
But this year the party started in NYC, and it was hard to miss. Artists, entertainers and regular people who love to drive mill around among the tricked out rides. Air horns mix with the rumble of throaty exhaust as instructions are shouted to the drivers through the bullhorn. Tourists from all over the world crowd the barriers to try and get a shot of their favorite car. Then David Hasslehoff begins waving the flag and it’s official: the rally is ON!
For a mere $40K you can join the party next year. If that’s a little out of your budget you can check out pics from the flag drop HERE or check out the official Gumball 3000 site.

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