Taking it Beyond the Classroom at Premier Restoration Enterprises

There are several hundred students who attend Automotive High School in Brooklyn, NY, but there is a special group who can call themselves part of “The Pit Crew.” These are the students who spend their after school hours engulfed in the frame-off restoration of a 1968 Chevy C10 Pickup. Although these students got involved because they wanted to be a part of a restoration from start to finish there is a bigger picture here: once it’s complete this truck will be auctioned off to raise scholarships for students enrolled in the program.

This project is the signature activity of The Riding With Us Foundation, a recognized not-for-profit organization that works to create scholarship and mentorship opportunities for students who want to pursue a career in the automotive industry. This restoration started off with a pickup truck donated by a local Brooklyn business owner, and has been fueled by monetary and parts donations from both individual supporters and corporate sponsors.

Most recently, Premier Restoration Enterprises of Clifton, NJ has joined this effort by taking the lead on the bodywork component of the project, work that the facilities at Automotive High School aren’t equipped to support. Not only is this work happening in their fully outfitted shop, but they are also donating some of the skilled labor needed to make this restoration a success.

Premier Restoration Enterprises has been giving classic cars new life for over 20 years. Although they have recently seen a rise in resto mod requests, this shop does everything from classic car maintenance to complete matching-numbers restorations and hand-fabricating parts that are no longer in production. Their builds have been featured in shows such as the New York International Auto Show, but most of their projects are done for private collectors.

The efforts of Premier Restoration will make a huge impact on the project. Their workmanship and experience will result in a high quality restoration of this truck, and the chance for our students to work with a shop of this caliber is an experience that will leave a life-long impression. The Pit Crew recently had their first visit to Premier’s shop, and their excitement could barely be contained. If having the chance to see some amazing cars at all stages of restoration wasn’t enough, they also got the chance to learn from professionals with a lifetime of experience. Premier’s owner, Arthur, took the time to walk the students through each part of the shop. Throughout the day he talked to them about the different career opportunities in the automotive field, as well as what it means to own a business in this industry.

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No matter how excellent a school’s curriculum is there is no class that can substitute for the experience of learning from industry professionals. The insight that mentors such as Arthur share with these students opens their eyes to possibilities for their career that they may not otherwise have realized, and creates a new excitement for working in this field. This is why it’s so important for our industry professionals to get involved with our youth. The continued success of the industry, and the success of the next generation of the automotive industry, depends on it.

To find out how you can be a mentor to our future automotive professionals contact Michele Fox at The Riding With Us Foundation at info@ridingwithus.com or 347-948-7980

To learn more about the incredible projects happening at Premier Restorations Enterprises, or to make your dream restoration a reality contact them at 973-546-1800 or info@premierresto.com

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