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A Conglomerate of Classics by South Beach

On too many drives down interstate 95 I passed by South Beach Classics, only giving the old schools in the lot a quick glance as I zoomed down the highway. During my latest trip I decided to take some time and make the stop so I could see what they have going on in there…and what I found was building after building filled with classic rides.
I didn’t get to meet the owner, who most probably know from their show on the Velocity channel, but I was greeted by a nice older gentleman who was holding down the showroom on this Saturday. I could tell everybody there has a passion for classic cars, and it shows through in the collection of some weird, some pristine, and some outlandish autos.
Take a look at the gallery below and see some of the inventory I got to check out while I was there:

My Dr. Color Chip Experiment

As I look at the chips my driver side door has accumulated I think about the fact that car show season is here. This is not a good look. But a new paint job is not in the cards anytime soon, so what can I do? I pushed this question to the back of my mind until one night I was watching the Velocity channel and saw a commercial for Dr. Color Chip. Although I don’t believe everything I see on TV this looked like something that could get me through until the next restoration, so I gave it a try.
Armed with the little surgical gloves and cloth that comes with the kit, I followed the directions and prepped the chipped areas. I dabbed the paint on, gave it the specified amount of time to dry, than rubbed off the excess. Not too bad! For all the time I have been driving around with these chips in my paint it took all of ten minutes to fix them.
This is really only a temporary solution, as you can still see the outline of the chips on a close examination. There may be a way to layer on the paint to hide this, but some of the chips I had were pretty big so their shape is still visible if you stare. But I can’t complain, it did the job I needed it to. Luckily my car is painted in its original factory color so it was easy to match. According to the website they can match 95% of all colors on the market, and provide a color code selector to help you find yours. So if your paint is a custom mix this probably won’t work for you. I bought the middle-sized kit and had plenty left over for another round of repairs, the small size is probably sufficient for most repairs.
All in all I would recommend this for anyone who needs to clean up their ride and get it show ready. It will cover up those little chips and dings that happen no matter how careful you are, and do the job without the expense of a new coat of paint.