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Auction Excitement – It’s Not Just for Bidders!

Bright lights glimmer on the glass-like paint of a collector car as it’s rolled onto the auction block. The sound of the audience’s chatter is cut by the voice of the auctioneer as the first bid is called. The energy in the air is palatable as bidders compete to win this prize automobile, and bid spotters yell to the auctioneer with each bid placed. Their screams echo from all corners of the room until the winning bid is called and the car is rolled off the block to make way for the next shiny classic.

With each auction car onlookers, both in the live and television audience, watch in anticipation of what the next car will sell for. Was it a steal or did it go for way more than they thought it would? Some watch in amazement of the prices rare – and sometimes not so rare – vehicles sell for. These big numbers can be intimidating to the regular classic car enthusiast, but the truth is that most auctions have something for everyone both on and off the auction block.

Many people may not realize that you don’t even have to be a bidder to enjoy the experience of attending one of these auctions. As the popularity of classic car auctions has grown some auction houses have gone the extra mile to make the onlooker’s experience just as rich as the buyer’s. I recently attended the Barrett-Jackson Northeast auction at Mohegan Sun Casino and got to learn about some of the cool experiences anyone attending the auction can enjoy.

If you want to get the best of the behind the scenes experience make sure you wear comfortable shoes, because the “car corral” areas equate to one of the biggest car shows you’ll ever attend! An entire parking garage and exhibition area are filled with all of the cars you see cross the block, so even if you’re not ready to place a bid you still have a chance to get up close and personal with these rides. Speaking of rides, each day Ford, Chevy and Dodge had riding or driving experiences where you could see what it’s like to be behind the wheel of their performance vehicles.

If getting under the hood is more your thing you could swing by the DIY pavilion and watch a hotrod get put together from start to finish during the span of the auction. Some other live demos at this auction included a detailing demo courtesy of the folks from Adam’s Polishes and tool demos by family owned business Bad Dog Tools.

The Motor Trend Live Stage offered a place to continue the conversation about cars that already rolled across the block, and was another place where spectators could get up close to the action.

Attending these auctions is not only exciting, but offers a way to be part of the action…and maybe even learn something new! There’s an experience for everyone here, whether you are a new collector deciding what your first classic will be or a seasoned collector looking to fill a space in your garage. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, make sure you’re part of the excitement at the next auction – I’ll see you there!

A Hybrid Even Hot Rod Owners Can Love

Electric and hybrid cars are getting more and more common, but if old school muscle is what you really love to drive you might not be giving these cars a second look. Steve Ling, Ford’s Strategy & Electrification U.S. Marketing Manager, thinks you should start paying these rides some attention.

I met Steve to talk about Ford’s Fusion Energi in a pretty unlikely place: surrounded by classic muscle cars at the Barrett-Jackson Northeast auto auction. The Fusion’s appearance here was no mistake, in fact it’s part of Ford’s effort to talk to all kinds of auto enthusiasts about their electric vehicle program.

What the Fusion doesn’t have in classic muscle form it makes up for in luxury. The 2017 model comes in a new Platinum trim level, with a detailed and comfortable interior giving its luxury class competition a run for its money. There are plenty of options under the hood as well, including hybrid or plug in hybrid with a 1.5L EcoBoost.

Steve talked about the Fusion’s powertrain setup, describing it as the best of both worlds solution that can work for many people. The plug-in hybrid has a combined range of 610 miles, with 21 miles in electric only mode. Once that 21 miles is surpassed the gas engine kicks in to drive the car and help recharge the batteries. Steve hopes that consumers who might not have driven a hybrid before can feel comfortable behind the wheel, explaining “you don’t give up anything, you have plenty of power…and you don’t have any of that range anxiety.”

Ford is achieving this range thanks to an efficient, calibrated electric engine. They’ve been making hybrids since 2004, so this experience helps them produce vehicles that perform. In addition to focusing on their vehicles’ performance Ford is working with corporations and municipalities to increase the availability of charging stations, helping to make driving a plug-in car that much more convenient.

If you’re still worried about finding a place to charge your car Ford’s app will help you find the nearest place to plug in. This app also does things like let you start your car remotely so it’s nice and toasty on those cold winter mornings. The technology of the app is complimented by the SYNC 3 entertainment system which can help teach you to drive more efficiently with the battery coach feature.

The technology behind this car is cool, but what may be even better is the low maintenance factor of a hybrid. The electric engine needs very little attention, and Ford even warranties the batteries for the Fusion for 8 years or 100,000 miles.

You may be used to driving an old school hotrod where the closest thing to luxury is pulling a lever to slide the seat back, and fuel efficiency means not flooring it at a green light. But even die hard muscle car fanatics need a car to drive for the every day. So why not save your gas money for your vintage V8, and think about getting behind the wheel of a hybrid the next time you’re running around town. You really can have the best of both worlds!

The Ford Mustang Turns 50

On April 17, 1964 Ford introduced what was dubbed the “1964-1/2” Mustang, the first production year of which was 1965. This went on to be their most successful launch since the Model A, and holds just as much popularity today. One day short of 50 years later at the New York Auto Show, Ford gave an anxious crowd the scoop on how they are going to celebrate this golden anniversary.
They have events lined up across the globe from New York, to Las Vegas to Dubai. But in my opinion the coolest thing they are doing to celebrate already happened in the wee hours of the night on the observation deck of the Empire State building: they assembled a bright “triple-yellow” 2015 Ford Mustang GT convertible up there for the world to see. But believe it or not, this isn’t the first time Ford pulled this off. Back in October of 1965 they did this for the first time, with a white convertible. Both times they disassembled the car so that it would fit piece by piece into the building’s freight elevator. Once the observation deck was closed at 2am the pieces were brought up and reassembled on the deck in time for it to reopen at 8am. This is no small feat to accomplish in a matter of six hours!
But back at the Auto Show Bill Ford introduced the 50th anniversary edition of the Mustang. It includes a number of details that give a nod to the first edition of this car, including the badges and chrome details. Ford sees the design of the 50th anniversary Mustang as a “Symbol of where ford has been and a vision of where we are going.” Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you think!

New York Auto Show 2012


Many manufacturers gave a nod to the past while unveiling their new models at this year’s New York Auto Show. The show kicked off with Cherovlet’s unveiling of the new 2014 Impala, with a classic 1966 model in the backdrop. This new generation of Impala boasts a new body type with a sleek front grill and a redesigned interior. It comes in both a 303-horsepower 3.6L V6 engine, as well as a standard 2.5L 4-cylnder engine. Chevy also displayed the Camaro, Corvette and Traverse to name a few.


The Chrysler Group introduced its new line of SRT (Street & Racing Technology) vehicles, which includes a rebranding of some old favorites. The unveiling of the 2013 SRT Viper, the fifth generation of this instant performance car classic, highlighted this announcement. SRT’s President/CEO Ralph Gilles proudly proclaimed that it would be manufactured at the Connor Avenue Assembly in Detroit…while sporting a black t-shirt with “Detroit” in bold white letters. The Viper has some company on the SRT lineup with the likes of the Challenger, Charger and Chrysler 300.


Ford showed off it’s 2013 Shelby GT500, with 650 horsepower in a variety of vibrant colors. The classic Cobra was also displayed, a model that has been an inspiration for many sports cars over the years. From racing technology to alternative fuel technology, Ford also highlighted the Focus Electric. Organized by Men’s Health magazine, the Focus Electric is part of the 2012 Electric Car Challenge, making the 3,000 mile trip coast to coast without stopping at one gas station.


The electric vehicle family was also joined by BMW with their i3 and i8 electric concept cars. Each of these concept cars speaks to a different audience: the i8 to the sports car enthusiast, the i3 to the sport utility driver. However both feature some cool design elements like suicide doors with transparent panels and icy blue accents. It’ll be interesting to see how these features translate into a production model.

Along the lines of environmentally friendly vehicles the Fisker Karma is an awesome example. Its front grill seems to smile at you, while its curvy lines say “speed” even as it sits still on the show floor! The Karma is the first luxury electric vehicle with extended range, powered by a hybrid gas and electric engine. This system is complimented by the solar roof that can generate enough energy to power the cabin ventilation and audio systems as well as extend the driving range by up to 200 miles a year. Do you want good karma? Drive this car!


For as much new technology as was displayed at this year’s show, each manufacturer’s automotive history was not forgotten. While Chevy, Ford and Lincoln included some examples of their past on the showroom floor, LeMay – America’s Car Museum featured classic models from manufacturers of the past and those still going strong. From a “speedster” that barely featured a windshield to cars with solar glass, the auto industry has come a long way! To see more highlights from this year’ show, check out our photo gallery HERE.