Standing Out at SEMA ’13


As I wandered through SEMA’s gigantic sea of cars, products and vendor booths one car stood out to me. Not because of how loud, bright or crazy it was but actually the opposite – it was so smooth and cool it immediately caught my eye. I have to start by saying I’m probably a little biased…green is my favorite color and I love Camaros, but still though, this is one nice ride.


The styling is very minimal, but there was a lot of attention to detail in order to make the lines sleek and simple. When you start looking closer you see that the quarter panels are flared to accept the wide race-ready tires. One look under the hood and you can see why there are some good tires on this ride…something needs to grip the pavement with an anniversary edition 427 L7 engine under the hood! The driver gets to handle all this power with a Keisler five-speed transmission and a 3-inch aluminum drive shaft.


Other modern touches include custom leather seats reminiscent of factory seats, but so much more comfortable (and probably a little safer too), and a digital dash designed to have a straight-off-the-assembly-line look. Every detail in this build was executed with the intent of creating a clean look with a stock feel, underscoring the beast of a machine this really is! Bodie Stroud designed and built this awesome ride for comedian and car lover Time Allen. I’m glad they shared it with the crowd at SEMA this year!

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