New York Auto Show 2011

This year the New York Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center had something for everyone. All the major manufacturers were there to represent, and many of them rolled out new concept cars. Cadillac featured the Urban Luxury concept car. It has the recognizable Cadillac lines in a compact shape – I guess that’s where the “urban” comes in. Saab showed the PhoeniX concept: the lines on this car make it look like it’s going about a hundred miles an hour standing still – this car is hot! Mercedes had the Concept A-Class on the floor. This is a good looking car, with a nice twist on the classic Mercedes traits. Volkswagon had some fun this year with the Bully concept, which gives a big nod to its VW minibus predicessor.
But enough about concepts, what about the muscle cars? Dodge had a big presence this year, a continuation of the strong marketing campaign they’ve been running. The new Charger with the redesigned rear lighting was looking great on the floor. But the not-to-be forgotten Challenger was there too, with it’s tried and true throwback design. This year Chevy took over its own area of the show, and featured the new Camaro convertible. The Corvette Z06 was featured as well, in the hottest orange I’ve ever seen! Not to be outdone, Ford’s Mustang was ready to go in off the assemblyline and customized versions – all looking very good.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, hybrids were everywhere this year and with the rising price of gas their popularity is no surprise. Lexus showed the CT200h, Toyota featured the CR-Z Hybrid R Concept and Chevy prominently displayed the Volt, to name a few. Expect to see more and more of this technology in the coming years.
Some other highlights were the exotic cars, and specialty displays like the History and Heritage collection. This years show had a lot to see, and in case you missed it take a look at our Gallery page for pics from this year’s show.

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