Kelderman’s Killer Trucks

This year at SEMA trucks were everywhere. From tricked out vintage Chevy C10’s to outrageous off-road rock climbing monsters, the variety was crazy. There were even pickups on the drifting track – who knew a pickup could drift? But one group of trucks had something special hidden underneath – a suspension system that not only gives these trucks a smooth ride without sacrificing towing capability, but also gives the ability to adjust the height of the truck itself. This something special is the Kelderman Air Suspension System.
I had the chance to catch up with Jeff Kelderman and his team at SEMA this year and take a look at the trucks they brought out to the show. He explained that their air ride suspension system was build to cater to towing trucks, giving these trucks a smooth ride whether or not they are hauling a load. They specialize in high-end customization for trucks that can go off road, or haul anything from RV’s to trailers.
What’s really cool about these trucks is how their height can be adjusted from super-high monster truck status to good old regular pickup. If you want to see what I mean check out this video.
This system is made to fit Ford, Dodge and GM trucks, but I think the Kelderman team can retrofit just about anything. People from all over send their trucks to this Iowa shop to get tricked out – if you want to do the same with yours check out their website

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