First Generation vs. Fifth Generation Camaro

First Generation vs. Fifth Generation… who am I to judge? Sure I’m a little biased, I’ve been rolling around in my ’68 Camaro since I turned 17, and that was kind of a long time ago. I’ve come to expect the squeaky sounds it makes when it passes over a bump in the road, and always ride with the radio on high so I don’t really hear the windows rattle when they are rolled halfway down. The promise of one day installing that AC kit keeps getting pushed to next year, so in the meantime I open my Astro Ventilation (yes, that was luxury in 1968) and keep it moving so the breeze keeps blowing on a hot summer day. The one thing my radio doesn’t drown out is the sound of my 327 engine as I blow down the street…not too fast though, my days of racking up speeding tickets went out with the grunge look. But the look of my car has never gone out of style. Its curved lines make it look fast even when it’s sitting still, and its chrome accents give it just the right amount of shine. Yes I have to say I love my car, one of the few constants in a life of many changes.
But I have to give it to the new generation of the Chevy Camaro. I took one for a test drive when they first came out and I was pretty impressed with the way it handled. It was the 6-cylinder model and still packed some power, although I’m sure the V8 is even more impressive. The muscle under the hood is complimented by features like 4-wheel independent suspension, Brembo brakes and Magnetic Ride Control. Even though its still a car best driven fast on a sunny day, its built in technology allows it to handle bad weather with ease…unlike my ’68 which is like being in a four-wheeled sled if I get caught in the snow. The influence of the first generation is obvious in its design, but the latest incarnation of this classic retains its own identity. The proportions are similar with subtler curves, giving way to a more brolic look. And did I mention it has air conditioning?
Despite the temptation of these modern conveniences I will stick with my antique – somehow its sentimental value outweighs all the extra features. But I wouldn’t mind parking a nice new Camaro next to my classic and taking it out for a ride once and a while. Hey, who says you can’t have it all?

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