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Clarion Builds a BMW…and it’s pretty cool!

The “big tent” at the Barrett-Jackson auction houses the best of the best the auction has to offer. From a regal Rolls Royce that probably hasn’t seen the road since prohibition, to a Chevelle that should require earplugs be in your ears before your butt’s in the seat, the collection under this tent really does have a little bit of everything. As I was walking through this gigantic mass of automobile history a little powder blue BMW caught my eye. With its European style and small stature it stuck out a little bit, and I wanted to know what the story was.

Upon closer inspection I could see that this ride had lots of cool modifications – just enough to make it different, but still in keeping with the spirit of the original style. As cool as the look of this car was, the story behind it is even cooler. This is the inaugural project of the Clarion Builds program, the purpose of which is to connect Clarion to a wider audience and support a great cause (more on that in a minute). This project was started in 2014, and the first year was taken to source and build this ride. Once the build was complete Clarion started showing off this car throughout the US, and it will continue to travel until it’s sold at the Barrett-Jackson 2016 Palm Beach Auction.

The concept behind the build was to bring this BMW up to present day standards while keeping the look and driving experience authentic to the original car. The stock engine was rebuilt with some performance components, and the suspension and braking system were upgraded. And of course a new audio system was installed, cleverly fitting into this car’s new interior. Clarion hopes this and future builds will help strengthen the next generation’s love of the car culture.

But that’s not all this car will do. Once it is auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson 100% of the proceeds will go toward Tgen, a Non-Profit Biomedical Research Institute. They perform groundbreaking research on the genetic components of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease and are making a real difference in the fight against these conditions.

So make sure you look out for this sporty 1974 BMW 2002 when you are watching the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction. I can’t wait to see what they can raise for this great cause, and what Clarion Builds does next!

This Bugatti Is Built To Drive

At the Mecum auction about one car crosses the block every 30 seconds – so for a three day auction that equals…well, a LOT of cars.  I had the chance to see this auction in action in Harrisburg, PA and saw some pretty hot rides as I wandered through the buildings and tents full of customs and classics (click HERE to check out the photo gallery from this trip).  But I couldn’t stop looking at one car – a 1931 Bugatti Royale replica.  The first thing that caught my eye was the wheels…I’ve never seen a 1930-anything sitting on a mean set of wheels like this one!  But this wasn’t the only thing that set this ride apart from the rest.   Powered by a Thunder V-12 702/425 HP engine, this car is built to move.  It’s heavy-duty suspension and rear were chosen for a reason: this was one massive ride.
The builder, Ed Murmillo of Ed’s Rods and Recks in Norfolk, VA said that he always wanted to build a car like this that could be enjoyed. It took 25 months to complete the build, and the end result showed the care this build team took in every detail.  Ed explained that unfortunately most rides of this vintage are a prisoner of their own value, but this Bugatti was built to drive!
However, driving this luxury ride is going to take the winning bidder some practice…it’s so long they almost couldn’t make the turn to get it on the auction block.  When it finally did cross the block it sold for $147,500, the second highest sale price of this auction.
Check out our gallery below and see why this ride was a total show stopper.  I would love to see this rolling down the road one day soon.