Cars for a Cause

This past summer there were a lot of events that shared a simple goal: to make a positive impact on the community. From an event series to benefit a Long Island fire department, a drive-in movie night to unify a community in New Jersey or a gathering of exotic cars in Times Square to help a worthy cause it seems like everyone is working to make their corner of the world a little better. As the summer comes to a close we will be working extra hard to make our little corner of the word better, too. You’ve probably heard of it, it’s a place called Brooklyn, NY.
Although Brooklyn is under 71 square miles in size it’s represented all over the world. Lots of famous and influential people have come out of this borough from Walt Whitman to Carmelo Anthony, and of course Jay-Z. Despite the fact that one of these people helped bring a new stadium downtown, there is still a lot of room for improvement beyond the arena. Much of the youth in concentrated areas in Brooklyn, like Bedford Stuyvesant and Brownsville, live below the poverty line and many of the residents that once called these neighborhoods home are currently incarcerated. There are single blocks that over $6 million dollars are spent per year to incarcerate its former residents. So if you don’t care about the future of our youth, care about the fact that your tax dollars are footing the bill!
But there is something we can do to encourage our youth toward a different path, and that’s provide an alternative through education. The auto industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there is a large population of today’s youth interested in working in it. The opportunities go beyond becoming a mechanic, and the Riding With Us Foundation was formed to help being these opportunities to the forefront. We will restore a classic car and sell it at auction, using the proceeds to provide scholarships for youth in need. Kids will participate in the restoration and be mentored along the way. We can’t solve the world’s problems in a day, but we can make a difference if we come together. Our project car has a cause, if you want to learn more check out our FOUNDATION PAGE.

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