About Riding With Us

The classic and custom car culture touches people from all walks of life, all parts of the world, and all ages. There is one thing this huge variety of people has in common: a love for cars! A classic car in a parking lot can bring together a group of people who (it would seem) have nothing in common, and result in these same people standing there talking for an hour. Memories are shared, stories are swapped, and they often find they have a lot more in common than they may have thought.

This is the awesome thing about vintage cars…they bring people together, teach us lessons, and remind us about the best times in our lives. RidingWithUs.com was created in that spirit: to make the car culture even more inclusive by letting people know what events are happening, give an inside look at different aspects of the car culture, and to share people’s stories about their lives and the cars that are a part of their journey.

How It Started

The car culture has always been a part of Michele Fox’s life. Her parents rebuilt and restored a long list of vintage cars, and classic Chevys and Cadillacs were among the family cars. Trips to see dirt track races and getting dirty while helping her Dad fix the family car were regular parts of her childhood. She naturally developed a love for fast cars, and especially fast Corvettes.

But when it came time to get her first car at 17 she bought a ’68 Camaro, as she thought this was a more “practical” alternative as a daily driver! After driving it for a few months the Camaro got it’s first restoration, and much of this work was done by Michele and her Dad. There’s been a long list of repairs and upgrades since, and 150,000 miles later she still drives this car today.

Those miles include everything from trips to the grocery store, crazy nights out, and long days at car shows. No matter where she’s gone in the Camaro, almost every trip it’s guaranteed that a conversation will start about the car. The people she’s met and the stories they’ve shared inspired her to start this website as a way to share her experiences and share what the car culture is all about. A few years after creating RidingWithUs.com she established The Riding With Us Foundation to teach and inspire the next generation of the car culture.